Dad Life 2 – Picture Time

Shortly after Yoshifusa was born, Kokoro asked me to take a picture of him for our family.

I got up, took my phone out and went to see him. The minute I raised my phone, he instantly turned around: “No picture for you, sir.”

So our first picture of little Yoshifusa is him turning his back towards us, which would actually become a trend.

When we grew up our parents had those old cameras with film that needed to be developed, so they only had a few dozen chances to capture a cute moment. Now with smartphones all having pretty decent cameras, you can obviously take thousands of pictures in just a few minutes – both a good thing and a bad thing I guess?

In any case, it seems that Yoshifusa is well aware of this because ever since that first day, whenever we lift our phones to take a picture of him, he instantly stops whatever he’s doing and pays attention to the camera. I’m sure he has other reasons to do that, but I always imagine he’s already thinking “UGH, AGAIN WITH THE PICTURES, DAD? STOP IT!”

And it’s not just with me! When he was a couple of weeks old we had to take him to a photographer for an ID picture and, let me tell you, it sure isn’t easy to take a picture of a new-born…Well, yes, obviously it isn’t easy, but seriously, you don’t understand, it’s really not easy.

Oh, and don’t even get me started on our attempts to take holiday pictures… Well, at least he now smiles for the camera occasionally! (Usually after I make endless funny/silly faces, noises, and whatever else I can think of…)

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