Dad Life 3 – Walk Time

Before becoming a dad, I knew from other friends that babies just loved their walks, or car rides. I heard stories that some even refused to sleep unless they were first driven around the block for a few minutes. (I feel like baby stories are often very exaggerated, is it just me?)

Well, the reason I’m bringing this up is because even though I knew this, I was so shocked at how much Yoshifusa slept whenever we would step outside our house.

He could be in the worst of moods, unhappy with everything with tried, but the moment we walked outside that door, he would instantly fall asleep.

No, this is not another exaggerated baby story, I’m serious! We would tuck him into his car seat and as soon as the door was closed behind us, he was already sound asleep. What was even more impressive was that this didn’t just happen once or twice, it was every single time for the first two to three months.

Granted we didn’t stay outside for such extended periods of time given the situation and the fact that it was winter, but I don’t think his eyes were open outside of the house for more than two minutes at a time – for a whole 8-12 weeks! If only the weather had cooperated better so that we could take advantage of these walks more often…

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