Dad Time 4 – Diaper Change Time

Before Yoshifusa was born, I was pretty curious about how I’d react to the idea of having to change diapers once I was actually forced to do it.

Maybe it was because of stereotypical dad reactions in movies, or because apparently my own dad did his best to avoid this particular task, but I was already fully expecting to be one of those dads.

When the day finally arrived to face my fears, I was surprised to find out that I actually had other fears than the ones I had imagined.

It wasn’t the smell that worried me, I was more focused on making sure that Yoshifusa was wiped properly, that the diaper was on properly, that he wasn’t uncomfortable. I double checked, triple checked, qua…you get the point.

I imagine it’s normal to be more cautious and nervous, especially when it’s your first child, but I hadn’t realised how instinctively these things can happen. So, maybe the smell isn’t all that pleasant, but there are definitely many other more important things you should focus on, DanDan!

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