About us / 私たちについて

Welcome to ‘tabunkazoku’!

We are DanDan and Kokoro. One of us was born in Romania, but later moved to Canada and the other was born and raised in Japan. We are currently in the UK, which is still a fairly new experience for both of us!

‘Tabunkazoku’ is a play on two Japanese words, ‘tabunka’ (多文化) and ‘kazoku’ (家族), which roughly translates to ‘multicultural family’ and represents our situation quite accurately!

Here, we introduce you to parts of our daily lives from each of our perspectives; we hope you enjoy!





Authors / 執筆者

DanDan / ダンダン

He loves history, teaching, games, anime and learning new things! He loves cleanliness and can speak several languages. Hi, bonjour, bună ziua, ciao, hola, こんにちは! Currently working on a PhD in Ancient History, but he won’t bore you with the details 🙂




Kokoro / こころ

She is also a multilingual speaker who can speak at least three…well, she still has some difficulties with two of them. She acquired several Japanese dialects, so that should count as multiple languages too 😉 She loves music, especially playing the piano, as well as travelling and learning about different customs and traditions.

こちらも3言語は話せる多言語話者…と書きたいところだけど、2言語はまだまだ修行の余地あり。日本語の方言バラエティで多言語を話せるかのようにごまかしている(^^; 音楽・旅行・異文化について学ぶことが大好き。



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