Travel Time 2 – Off to Germany

For today’s Travel Time, let me tell you about the city where Kokoro and I first met, Münster, in the German province of North-Rhine Westphalia.

It’s a quaint, hidden gem of a European city with a gorgeous historical centre – if you don’t believe me, just check out the pictures!

But, as a history nerd who had no idea what to expect from the city before visiting, I at least had one thing to look forward to. For those who don’t know, Münster was the location where the famous Treaty of Westphalia was signed in 1648, putting an end to the Thirty Years’ War.

Many historians see this moment as the beginning of European history as we know it today and the origin of many border policies throughout Europe.

Considering it’s a city that few would think of (or know of) when visiting Germany, it’s impressive how much of a role it played in shaping our present.

It’s also just a short train ride to other larger cities, such as Cologne, or even the Netherlands, so the location makes it a perfect destination for a short 1-day trip if you ever find yourself in the region.

Other than the historical side of things, make sure you also check out the local market; you won’t be disappointed by the quality and variety of food available both for a quick lunch, or a longer grocery trip.